Carole Russell Artist Biography


I'm a Nottingham lass born in 1956, which seems an awful long time ago! 

I always enjoyed art at school and had a great teacher but not many options were available to further my artistic education in those days so I ended up working at a  local photography studio touching up black and white wedding photographs - yes they were all printed then, including the proofs. On a measely £7 per week I wanted to earn some real money so I went into the exciting world of office work (Insurance and then sales) until 2007.

Then I decided I'd had enough of the 9-5 so I picked up a paint brush for the first time since leaving school and  with the help of websites and books explored styles, methods, colour theory and composition - all of which confused my brain a little too much, so apart from using the Quiller colour wheel and trying to use the rule of thirds I pretty much do my own thing. In 2008 I decided acrylics worked best for what I wanted to achieve

My work is inspired by colour and shape - so my portfolio can only be described as eclectic but not being limited by any particular theme means I can paint whatever catches my eye!

I joined the Nottingham Society for Artists  in 2009 and now I'm an associate member involved in regular group exhibitions throughout the year and in 2012  I won the Holbrook prize for Baby got blue eyes - a great honour

I have been a finalist in the Society for All Artists competition and have been selected for The Nottingham Castle Open Art competition