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  1. I am really bad at keeping up this blog sorry!

    Since Christmas I have been feeling less than my usual self - and, therefore, uninspired to either write this blog or do much in the way of painting. Both these things are really bad for business and so imagine how relieved I was to start feeling a little better and actually want to paint!

    But it wasn't just the increase in sunshine and daylight hours that gave me the umph I needed, I also happened upon a series of skype interviews conducted by a fellow artist that starred professional painters from around the globe. What a brilliant idea! Each interview gives a little history of the artist and Kathryn asks some great questions and gets some great answers. Just listening to these artists has somehow made me feel like one again myself, so if you need some inspiration or would just like to sit back (each interview is about 30 mins) with a coffee and learn stuff then go to the website The Master Secrets Summit

    I'm a self-taught artist so I have to go looking for information and in one of these interviews the Munsell Colour theory was mentioned so I though I'd investigate. I couldn't find much information but I did find a basic colour wheel and have started using it in my works. The bit of Munsell's theory that I've picked up on is that the complimentary colours in a standard wheel you can buy are slightly out of kilter, Anyway, here are a couple of paintings roughly using my new-found knowledge:

    flowerscropsmall  pearscroppedsmall

    I am pleased with the way the colours seem to sit nicely with each other. I'm even more pleased with the fact that I want to paint daily now - these two were each painting in a day and are displayed on my Facebook Page and I also like to post them to twitter. I decided the pears will be my Mum's Mother's Day card as it's been done on watercolour paper, she usually gets flowers but hey she'll hopefully like it.

    Ok, I feel better for updating the blog, see you soon