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  1. Finally I will be setting up my easel again next week. It has been far too long and I am now desperate to get a brush back in my hand! But any artist out there must surely share my love of new brushes, so I was on the outlook for new ones when I stumbled across a news item about sign writing and it reminded me that this was my late Grandfather's trade. The sign writer, Joby Carter, was using some beautiful brushes to create his trim lines so I went looking around the internet for some and found just what I was looking for at Handover Brushes, so I'm hoping to be in possession of them to start my new piece on Monday.

    As to what my "new piece" will be? No idea, I'll wait for inspiration to strike I suppose, I do have a potential commission for an abstract piece, I also have some great reference shots from my two weeks on Capri, Italy plus a few shots taken by my partner of crop fields with beautiful vibrant poppies shooting through them. So, we will see on the day which way I go

  2. Another Capri holiday has come and gone - it seems to take an age to wait for the holiday and then 2 weeks go so fast, I do believe I have topped up the "Caprese" in me though and have taken some stunning reference photographs to use in the coming months.

    I am pleased as punch that for the first time in 11 years of visiting this beautiful island off the coast of Naples, I finally plucked up the courage to go around it on a small boat (gozzo). I always assumed I would not take to the water but how wrong was I. The sea air, stunning coast line and pure experience will never be forgotten.


    If you ever get a chance to visit this island please do. The food, people, sea, evenings etc are all wonderful if you stay for a few days, not so good if you only pop over for a few hours I'm afraid but non the less you will get a flavour and want to come back for more.

    The seafood is delightful and varied and fresh:


    This is called Scampi - it's expensive but delicious


    The evenings in the piazza are full of people watching opportunities and great fun:


    Apero spritz - get's you ready for dinner!

    No art in this post but plenty to come from the experience - watch this space