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  1. I thought I'd spend some time explaining the details and techniques of some of the works on this site, so if you're taking a look because you're interested in the art or the technique this may be helpful info.


    A study of the profile of a beautiful endangered animal in acrylics by Carole Russell

    Sumatran Tiger 24 x 20 inch acrylic on canvascanvas

    This painting is called "Sumatran Tiger" and is based on a reference photograph I found on a great website called "Morgue Files". This website is great for artists looking to paint something otherwise unavailable and as I haven't seen one of these beautiful creature in the flesh it was an ideal opportunity to work on one.

    Sumatran tigers are stunning creatures so it is a real shame that they are on the endangered list. The fur/hair is a beautiful cadmium orange colour and (as usual) it was the eye and also the proud stance that caught my artistic brain.

    When you get this piece home you will see all the detail captured by fine brush work, the off white whiskers have darker portions to show the life in them, the tiger's face has a 3d quality due to the form I created by lighter tones on the  cheekbones and brow. White wasn't used much at all on it's own but rather mixed with purple to create realistic shading only using the pure white for a small "tick" in the eye and tips of the whiskers.

    I kept the body of the tiger loose and the background blurred so the eye can rest whilst looking at the painting, and this also allowed me to put some great detail on the beautiful face, fur and eye; all done with a rigger and sword brush and diluted acrylic paint.

    Measuring 24 inches deep and 20 inches wide , it's painted on a deep edge or "Gallery Wrap" canvas, that means it stand out from the wall by about 34mm - I always paint the side just so it can be hung as soon as you get it home without the additional cost of a frame or the bother of trying to find a frame that looks good both with the painting and your home's colour scheme.