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  1. Earlier this year two of my best friends eloped to Canada to get married, no one knew until they posted a photo on Facebook and surprised and delighted us all!

    The wedding was beautifully photographed by the talented Sachin and Sean and Richard looked so happy it brought the biggest smile to my face.

    Another of their friend commissioned me to paint two small "portraits" and I was more than pleased to accept. The portraits were to be based on two of Sachin's photographs and show just the chest's with daffodil corsage. Here I have posted the step by step progress of the paintings through to conculsion.

    The boys receievd their gift this week and I'm so glad they approve as does Sachin on whose photos they were based

    Thank you Charmaine, Sachin and Sean and Richard for allowing me to be part of the wonderful celebrations!

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  2. Finally I will be setting up my easel again next week. It has been far too long and I am now desperate to get a brush back in my hand! But any artist out there must surely share my love of new brushes, so I was on the outlook for new ones when I stumbled across a news item about sign writing and it reminded me that this was my late Grandfather's trade. The sign writer, Joby Carter, was using some beautiful brushes to create his trim lines so I went looking around the internet for some and found just what I was looking for at Handover Brushes, so I'm hoping to be in possession of them to start my new piece on Monday.

    As to what my "new piece" will be? No idea, I'll wait for inspiration to strike I suppose, I do have a potential commission for an abstract piece, I also have some great reference shots from my two weeks on Capri, Italy plus a few shots taken by my partner of crop fields with beautiful vibrant poppies shooting through them. So, we will see on the day which way I go